Cantex is your partner in patient healing

Our goals are the same – to help people heal, recover, and get back to the greatest level of health they can achieve. Cantex Continuing Care Network is committed to partnership with physicians, their extenders, and case managers in providing quality care with passion and commitment.

Exemplary care

Our clinically driven approach is designed to deliver optimum outcomes for patients and to reduce rehospitalization.

Coordinated continuum

From post-acute skilled nursing care through rehabilitation care, home health, long-term care and hospice, we offer solutions for every stage.


Innovation, technology, and continuous learning empower focus on more effective healing and a better long-term prognosis.

We care for your patients like family

We’re here for your patients at every stage

When your patients need transitional care, home health, long-term care, outpatient rehabilitation, or hospice, we offer solutions to meet the needs across the continuum of care. We are experts in:

  • Short-term transitional care
  • Chronic care
  • Home health care
  • Hospice care
  • Pharmacy services
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Institutional special needs health plan

Trust in our many years of experience

Privately owned and in business since 1978, Cantex is known for its innovation and experienced team approach to:

  • Prevention of rehospitalization
  • Faster, more effective healing
  • Reduced symptom frequency and intensity
  • Greater comfort
  • Better long-term prognosis
  • Less need for medications
  • Efficient follow-up care

We take most types of insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage/managed care, commercial plans, and private pay.

See what your peers say about us

“In over two decades of medical practice, having served as an Attending Physician and Medical Director at Cantex facilities, I have enjoyed not only the work, but also the people. There’s a unique camaraderie in my facilities, and it’s meant a lot to me personally and professionally to be welcomed and valued as a part of the family.”

Neeraj Sharma, MD, FACP, CEO
Curate Healthcare Services


“I have worked in long-term care in Houston for the last 24 years. I have substantive experience as an attending and medical director working with different partners in the long-term care space. I have found Cantex over the years to be a well-connected, uniquely diverse company with well-developed sophisticated systems and abundant resources that have been brought to bear for the good of quality patient care.”

Dr. Christopher Lockhart, MD, CMD
Trumen Physicians and Associates


“You judge organizations by the degree of commitment to their mission, vision and values. Having had the opportunity to work closely with the Cantex family, I can attest that they are the embodiment of the value ‘committed to excellence.’ I had the privilege of witnessing the organizational culture of ‘compassion, service and commitment to best possible health outcomes’ especially throughout the pandemic. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to work with the Cantex family.”

Robert Kamali, MD, CHCQM, CEO
Andromeda Health Solutions

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