How we detect COVID-19 and deliver care


Screening and testing

  • We follow screening and testing procedures as directed by the federal government, state health departments, and local government agencies.
  • All staff are screened for fever and other symptoms consistent with COVID-19 prior to beginning each shift. Any staff member showing symptoms must leave immediately and self-isolate at home according to current guidance before they can return to work. Staff self-monitor on days they don’t work.
  • All residents are actively monitored for fever and respiratory symptoms, including shortness of breath, new or change in cough, sore throat, and oxygen saturation.
  • On-site PCR and antigen testing machines are deployed where available.

Supportive care and treatment

Physician orders may include increased assessment frequency, increased monitoring of fluid intake and output, supportive care, a treatment plan, such as medications and/or IV hydration, and what to do in case of a change in the resident’s status.

Special monitoring units

  • New admissions, readmissions, and residents who have spent one or more nights away from the facility are all considered to have unknown COVID-19 status. A 14-day stay on the Post-Acute Monitoring (PAM) Unit allows for isolation and observation of any patient with unknown COVID-19 status before they are allowed into other parts of the facility.
  • To avoid transmission, designated team members are assigned to our PAM, quarantine, and isolation units.
  • Residents with exposure or symptoms are quarantined and isolation protocols are followed. Residents who refuse mandated testing are isolated for 14 days and monitored.

ProCare Advantage nurse practitioners

  • In Cantex facilities with ProCare Advantage members, the plan’s nurse practitioners are perfectly positioned to provide the care members need in the comfort of where they live. ProCare Advantage nurse practitioners provide most of the primary care for members. They also serve as a care coordinator, working closely with nurses and caregivers as well as outside doctors and specialists.
  • Visit the ProCare Advantage website for more information.